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On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we proudly present the conference on Latest Addiction Research and Rehabilitation Techniques employed for substance abusers. The conference is held in Dubai, UAE on 26th and 27th of November, 2018. The conference focuses on cutting-edge technologies employed in the prevention of drunk and drives accidents, eminent rehabilitation technologies, most harmful drugs listing as of 2017, the psychological and physiological changes caused by drug abuse and the revenue of rehabilitation programs and annual cost spent on sweeping out destruction caused by drug abusers. The Theme boast's to Replenish the Rudiments of Addiction Science and Prink Rehabilitation methods.

Why in Dubai?

Dubai is the most populous and largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has emerged as one of the world’s driving global business centres and regional hubs. This cosmopolitan city of diversity is at the crossroad of the globe and has changed itself into a buzzing international metropolis. With simple availability, state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern venues, Dubai is the place to be with regards to business and Academics.

There are a variety of tourist attractions that offer the entire awe factor. 

Dubai is known for extravagance addictive shopping, ultramodern architecture and an energetic nightlife scene. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with planes and lights arranged to music. Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall tower, dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline. The Palm, a resort with water and marine-animal parksOn artificial islands just offshore is Atlantis.

Famous Burj Al Arab, a sail-formed inn, is close to the general population of Jumeirah Beach, a well-known stretch of sand. Of the numerous shopping malls, Dubai Mall has an Olympic-measure ice-skating arena, while Mall of the Emirates includes the indoor slants of Ski Dubai. Lofty universal eateries, and outdoor and building-top dance club flourish. Traditional gold, textile souks and spice are situated around Dubai Creek, a reestablished quarter recently 1800s houses with wind towers, and at Dubai Museum, housed in the eighteenth century, Al Fahidi Fort.

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