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Addiction is a heightened elevation of psychological dependence on both materialistic and non-materialistic charisma. It is a state of mind wherein neurochemicals have reached sufficed alteration. Bias in the cognitive and physical functioning of the human body is concatenated with addiction. The time and material involved in addiction is variant of age, willpower and health. Not all addictive products are illegal, addiction can latch on from alcohol to caffeine. Every time the reward pathway in the brain is triggered, addiction plays down the tune of harmony. Substance abuse can tear out physical well being greatly and Behavioral addiction can deprive the mental and social well being. The craving for a particular aspect is where addiction becomes neurocognitive.

  • Neuro cognitive responses
  • Stimulants and Depressants
  • Reflective system Impairment
  • Epigenetic mechanisms in Addiction
  • Food Addiction
  • Internet Addiction

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