DADSS Technology in BAC detection

DADSS Technology in BAC detection Photo

DADSS (Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety) aims at providing state of art technology in Drunk and Drive scenarios that which does not intervene normal driving. It ensures ongoing research on non-invasive testing of BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels to ensure maximum security while driving. In 2008, feasibility testings were carried out. It aims at equipping new vehicles with DADSS systems to administer BAC levels above or at 0.08%. These are designed to be precise, reliable, fast, tamper-resistant and durable. It is being tailored to administer BAC levels by breath analysis and touch. In DADSS breath analysis, the driver exhales into the sensor enabling carbon dioxide and alcohol concentrations to enter and based on the IR wavelength returned by these particles alcohol concentration is determined. In DADSS touch systems, the IR radiations are applied across the human skin and the returning wavelength is used to calculate alcohol concentrations.

  • DADSS Breath based technology
  • DADSS Touch based technology

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