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Baruch Yehuda
Baruch Yehuda
Director of Research and Regulatory, Department of Health and regulatory
One World Cannabis Ltd.

At 2003 I was asked by the director general of the MOH at the time take charge of the Israeli program for the medical use of cannabis (in accordance with the Israeli drug law sections 6 and 7 specifically). During my 10 years of overseeing the program, the number of active permits rose from 64 to approximately 14,000. The whole system of the current program was erected by me under the supervision of the MOH. In that regard, I was in charge of evaluating all the request for medical use of cannabis and issuing the permits that were approved. in order to fulfil this obligation, I built the first indications for medical use of cannabis (up to then each case was evaluated individually by a committee with no approved indications. I oversaw how to supply the cannabis to the patients and later issuing the permits for growing cannabis including issuing the agriculture standards and the security standards. I was also in charge of building education programs on the medical use of cannabis for health workers- mainly physicians and nurses. I was also the head of the first inter-ministerial committee on the medical use of cannabis in 2010 which later became the steering committee headed by the deputy general director of the MOH). I have also written most of the drafts of communications of the Israeli Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical Department: no. 1051 and 1062 of the Department of Pharmacy in the Ministry of Health. I have attended many medical conferences in Israel and lectured on the subject. I have published few articles on the use of medical cannabis and involved in more ongoing studies.

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