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The 5th International Conference on Addiction Research and Therapy is designed under the theme '' Advanced Scientific Research for Addiction, Mental Health, and Rehabilitation '' to show the latest trends in Addiction Science. 

The key motto of Addiction Conferences 2022 is to unite like-minded individuals to mold the future of research that will shape the world. Addiction Conferences 2022 will redraft your brain with new techniques and innovations which will help to boost self-esteem and confidence.

The Addiction Conferences 2022 will feature scientific research on the latest developments which will include 15+ keynote speeches, 50+ invited talks, and 100+ technical papers and it's going to be a huge platform with more than 300 global participants.

It is an initiative to eradicate addiction by empowering addiction recovery and its therapy. While many of the brain tissues that are caused by addiction and substance abuse cannot be reversed completely, this gathering will be the best place to search out the latest research and learn how to manage the symptoms of addiction that may facilitate people accomplish its recovery.

It is a platform to join hands with the strongest scientific community to have a closer look at what is involved in addiction therapy and research by exploring new prospects and increasing the existing opportunities.

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